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Mini Head and Body Massager
61% off Rs. 529.00 (Rs. 1,350.00)
Electric Handheld Full Body Massager
63% off Rs. 1,199.00 (Rs. 3,200.00)
Air Pressure Massager
61% off Rs. 4,799.00 (Rs. 12,250.00)
Rechargeable Pain Relief Knee Massager
25% off Rs. 5,999.00 (Rs. 7,999.00)
Rechargeable Pain Relief Wrist Massager
23% off Rs. 4,599.00 (Rs. 5,999.00)
Electric Handheld Full Body Massager
66% off Rs. 1,199.00 (Rs. 3,550.00)
Powerful Double Head Body Massager Hammer
64% off Rs. 1,999.00 (Rs. 5,500.00)

Lifestyle products built for you

At Lifelong, we designed wellness gadgets that take care of you. Our innovative products offer rest, relaxation and peace of mind, as you get ready to take on another day. From face massagers, leg massagers, full body massage recliners to electric hot water bags and electric toothbrushes, Lifelong’s lifestyle devices are built for you. Built for India.

Swati Verma

I’m on my feet all day, so it is no surprise that this leg massager has become such an important part of my daily routine. I end my day with a nice, warm massage and enjoy a good night’s rest after. It is a great buy.


Shaista Kazi

The bubble massage option on this foot spa massager fascinated in me and I’m so happy to have tried it. My feet feel clean, fresh and I feel relaxed and pampered when I use this. I would highly recommend this as a stress-buster gadget.


Rina Dev

Sitting at a desk all day has been really tough on my back. But the handheld massager has changed my life! It has relieved my pain and stress. I feel relaxed and the day just melts away once I use the massager.