Speed Training Ladder (6 m)
Speed Training Ladder (6 m)
Speed Training Ladder (6 m)

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Switch up your training with our Speed Training Ladder to be more agile, strong and focused. The training ladder comes with a six month warranty.
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Country of Origin: India

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The 6 meter Speed Training Ladder comes with 12 heavy-duty, plastic rungs. The rungs are adjustable as the ladder has markers at three different lengths for easy adjustability. An ideal training and fitness tool, the ladder stays flat on the ground, allowing for a wide range of high intensity workout routines. Use it to improve your foot speed, acceleration, leg and core strength, lateral movement, balance and coordination. From enhancing cardio to fine tuning footwork and focus, the training ladder is a great choice for athletes, sports teams, coaches, fitness trainers and anyone interested in changing their workout routine.