MAX Foot, Leg and Calf Massager (80 W)
MAX Foot, Leg and Calf Massager (80 W)
MAX Foot, Leg and Calf Massager (80 W)

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Relax, rejuvenate and rest your feet with our leg and foot massager. The massager comes with a one year warranty.
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Country of Origin: China

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The 4 motored Leg and Foot Massager comes with 3 customizable massage modes individually designed for your legs, feet and calves. The massager comes complete with a 15 minutes auto shut off timer, LED display for easy control and two removable fabric covers for easy cleaning.


The Leg and Foot Massager gives you a professional spa like experience at home. The flexible rubber kneading pads and rollers effectively massage your feet, legs and calves simultaneously. It helps you relax, improves blood circulation, maintains blood pressure, strengthens muscles and improve your balance and flexibility.