Foot Massager with Heat
Foot Massager with Heat
Foot Massager with Heat

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Relax, rejuvenate and rest your feet with our foot massager. The foot massager comes with a one year warranty. 
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Country of Origin: China

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Product Features

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The Foot Massager gives your tired feet the tender, love and care they deserve at an end of a rough day. The flexible rubber kneading pads feel like a real massage. It comes with 4 automatic programmes and 3 custom massage modes.


The Foot Massager relieves muscle tension, back pain by improving blood circulation. It also relieves stress from your shoulders and arms by working on the afferent nerves of the feet. The foot massager works on reflexology that aids weight loss and gives you beautiful skin. The heat feature goes up to 45 degrees which is the optimal temperature for a foot massage.