Crazyfit Vibration Plate Massager
Crazyfit Vibration Plate Massager
Crazyfit Vibration Plate Massager

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Relax as your burn fat with our Crazyfit Vibration Plate Massager that enables you to get fit and flexible. The massager comes with a one year warranty.
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Country of Origin: China

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Working out at home becomes enjoyable with the revolutionary designed Crazyfit Vibration Plate Massager. Compact and easy to store, the vibration plate needs to be used for ten minutes daily to see the desired results.


The Vibration Plate Massager vibrates at a high frequency and low amplitude helping you lose weight and increase your flexibility. It improves blood circulation, increases coordination, relieves back aches and decompresses the spine. It also helps in maintaining reflex reactions, thus burning calories and fat.