About Us

Our Vision

We aspire to be a part of every Indian home. That’s why, we build products that celebrate the diversity of India. We build products that celebrate you. We talk to you, understand your requirements and then design solutions. Crafted with care, we deliver our innovative products, at the best prices, to ease your everyday living. And that’s a promise we always deliver on.


Co-Founder & CEO
Ex-Bain and Company

With 5 plus years of consulting experience, he has taken the Lifelong brand online with Lifelong Online. Imagined in India, for India, his goal is to build an ecosystem of distribution and service that reaches every household while facilitating honest pricing.


Co-Founder & COO
Ex-Bain and Company

He has over 10 years of consulting experience and has specialized in working with large businesses globally. His passion for entrepreneurship has led him to look for innovative and creative solutions for complex challenges faced by Indian households.


Lifelong Group

With more than 25 years of experience in the manufacturing and trade business, he founded the Lifelong appliances brand in 1985. Inspired by the needs of every household, his vision is to create value for the Indian consumer.

Built For India. Built For You.

India is a diverse country. Different people. Different preferences. Different styles of living. How can our needs be the same? And if our needs are different, shouldn’t the solutions be just as unique? So, we asked you what you really wanted. And this is what you told us. You want ingenious solutions to everyday challenges. You want more for less and you want it all easily accessible. We heard you and did exactly that. We designed a diverse and innovative product range, took it online, and priced it at least 30% lower than other brands. That’s how we build solutions for India. That’s how we build products for you.

Our ability to challenge the most traditional home categories

Our product development cycle takes 60-90 days from ideation to launch, to ensure that your customer experience is unique and unmatched. A simple 3 step cycle: Input - Development - Refine & Launch

We identify your needs as a customer via channel and product review insights.

We engineer a functional design that fits your needs, by optimising across the value chain, from product specifications, design, supply chain to packaging.

We test the value proposition by conducting a test launch of the newly designed product and refine the design and positioning based on the feedback collected.

We combine these insights with a market attractiveness check that involves studying the category size, competition mapping, etc.

We then conduct a pre-launch quality testing to bring to you a product that greatly benefits you.

Once we are satisfied with the results, the product is launched for you to buy, order and use. We continuously collect and analyse the feedback, improving every product to better serve you.

Our Manufacturing Factories

We started with shared manufacturing facilities and have come a long way since. We currently have 6 captive factories that drive 50% of our revenue. We are a proud participant of the Make In India movement with approximately 60% of our volumes from SKUs being manufactured in India, giving better margins and working capital terms. In the next 3 months, our first multi-line facility will go live, aligning with our vision of building multi-line, flexible, dedicated facilities that distribute to the 4 regions of India.