India, you have a lot on your mind. A second wave. A second WFH stint. More work. More house work. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. You just sit and chill.

Lifelong will take over. Spend some time with our leg massagers. Let go of your stress. Let those tired muscles recover.

Built to keep India relaxed. Built to keep India going.

Rockstar Performance

The Lifelong Leg Massager is designed to provide electronic stimulation on the required pressure points at the sides of the soles of your feet. It uses a 3 dimensional biometric method of massage that combines traditional techniques with modern magnetic therapy, helping you relax as you recharge.

You Make The Rules

Enjoy the long lasting benefits of a professional massage in the comfort of your home. The 3 personal programmes and 4 customisable massage modes (heat, vibrate, knead or roll) of the Lifelong Leg Massager offer a complete and beautiful massage experience of your choosing.

Knows Where It Hurts

The Lifelong Leg Massager is built to improve blood circulation, aid the recovery of tired muscles and rejuvenate them. Designed to target the sensitive points of the soles, its four flexible kneading discs with unique rapid rotation offers a powerful massage to ease your aches and pains.

Has All The Right Moves

Designed on the principles of acupressure, the Lifelong Leg Massager will effectively stimulate the required pressure points to help in easing your aches and pains. The reflexology massage therapy strengthens muscles and improves your balance and flexibility.

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