Home chores made easy with Lifelong home appliances built for you. Select home appliances from our diverse collection.

3 Blades Decor Ceiling Fan, White, Pack of 1
43% off Rs. 1,199.00 (Rs. 2,100.00)
Room Heater
27% off Rs. 1,099.00 (Rs. 1,499.00)
pressure washer
40% off Rs. 5,999.00 (Rs. 10,000.00)
Air Cooler 65L


Air Cooler 65L
48% off Rs. 7,799.00 (Rs. 15,000.00)
Air Cooler 85L
49% off Rs. 8,999.00 (Rs. 17,500.00)

Home appliances built for you

At Lifelong, we have redefined daily house chores with our home appliances, keeping you in mind. Our innovative products are designed to save time, energy and storage space, letting you enjoy a clean and happy home. From state-of-the-art fans and voltage stabilisers to efficient washing machines and aesthetically designed refrigerators, Lifelong home appliances are built for you. Built for India.

Brijesh Shastri

Lifelong’s frost-free refrigerator has been the best decision for my home and family needs. The capacity is just right to cool and store vegetables, dairy and drinks. It chills everything really well and is easy to clean too. My wife and I can’t believe we got a refrigerator this great for this affordable price.


Kapil Mistry

The Lifelong Instant water heater keeps its promise of instantly heating up the water. Not only is this water heater easy and safe to use, but it is also energy efficient.


Smita Shetty

The top load washing machine from Lifelong has been kind to all my different kinds of clothes. It helped maintain the colour, brightness and softness. I am very happy with it and would recommend this washing machine to everyone.