Neck Massager with Heat and Bag Neck Massager with Heat and Bag Neck Massager with Heat and Bag
Neck Massager with Heat and Bag

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Loosen those tight muscles in your neck and feel your day’s worries slip away with the Neck Massager. The massager comes with aone year warranty.
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The neck massager provides a deep-kneading muscle relaxation with 8 roller nodes for your shoulders, upper back and neck. The adjustable settings will let you enjoy a relaxing or an intense massage based on your mood. With an in-built timer that shuts off in 15 minutes and flexible straps that target hard-to-reach areas, the neck massager is the perfect way to end your day. It comes with a carry bag that makes it convenient to carry and store.


The neck massager gives powerful kneading massages for your neck, shoulders and back. It relieves aches and stiffness. The flexible straps allow you to apply pressure and adjust to get deeper massage action. The soothing heat function transfers gentle warmth to your muscles, alleviating pain, reducing stress, soothing aching muscles and improving blood circulation. The auto-reverse massage action allows for better distribution of the comforting effects.