Lifelong LLM81 Foot Massager, Brown

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Foot Massager is based on reflexology, that leads to weight-loss and beautiful skin. It also helps in relieving muscle tension and aids in better blood circulation relieving back pain and stress from other body parts like shoulder, arms and others by working on the afferent nerves of the feet. If used with heat, it improves blood circulation and increased muscle motion. 
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The Lifelong Foot Massager is an easy to handle massaging device, that helps you get rid of pain, relieve fatigue, and achieve a healthy stress free body. Its customized operations help you decide which body part to focus on is one of its most prominent features.

Superior Performance

The Lifelong Foot Massager with added Heat gives you energy by releasing any blockages that hold back energy and relieves symptoms of stress and fatigue easily. A regular foot massage session of 5 to 10 minutes improves feelings of general well being.

Imbedded Heat Therapy Operation

The Lifelong Foot Massager with Heat has been designed in a way that it adapts itself to the user’s needs. An average human’s feet go through a lot of movement and fatigue on a daily basis, and this massager’s customized heat operations help in relaxing these muscles and getting rid of sprain pains.

Easy to Use Compact Design

The Lifelong Foot Massager with Heat is convenient, safe, effective, time & money saving device. The appliance is compact and easy to carry around. It has been designed in a way to make it a perfect product for anyone to use it.

Targets All Foot Acupuncture Points

The Lifelong Foot Massager works on reflexology combined with heat and targets all foot acupuncture points, accurately. The procedure -reflexology is a safe and completely natural way for one to enhance the quality of their life.

Powerful Stress Relieving Massager

The Lifelong Foot Massager with Heat is compact and easy to use, that helps one relax at all times, eliminate pain and achieve health goals while one sits back and relaxes peacefully. The massager comes with an operation customization feature that helps to decide where to focus in the body.

Magnetic Science

The Lifelong Foot Massager With Heat has a North-Pole embedded magnet, which kills germs in your feet. The deployment of South Pole helps in removal of numbness from body and offering assistance in neuromuscular diseases.

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Weight 5.6 Kg
Warranty 1 Year
Rated Power 40 W
Rated Voltage 220-240 V
Frequency 50 Hz
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  • Flexible rubber kneading pads feel like a real massage - With heat
  • Powerful 40W motor, AC-220-240V,50Hz | Auto 15 mins shutoff
  • Helps relieve fatigue, improves blood circulation and overall wellness
  • 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects.
  • The maximum temperature we provide in our massagers is only up to 45 degree which is the optimal temperature for the foot massager.