Lifelong Get Slim Slimming Belt Massager (Pink)

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The Lifelong belt massager is a multi-functional massager working on the principle of kinematics training and reducing movement, using the massager at high rotating speed, stimulates the abdominal muscles. This helps the fat cells in your abdominal area to be broken down and be separated from the muscles, thereby giving you the desired weight-loss effect. It can be used to target different body parts like back, thigh, wrists, hips, shoulder, neck to blast the pain from the hard to massage areas. 15 minutes use of the massager also burns fat effectively. The massager belt comes with a remote control and works on a dual function.
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Weight 449 g
Warranty 1 year warranty
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  • Works out abdominal muscles to give you a thinner waist, up to 2,500 RPM for desired muscle toning
  • Target other regions like thighs, calves, wrists, arms, and other areas
  • Includes a digital remote control with speed control and timer
  • Includes 1 belt with remote, 1 adapter, 1 instruction manual and warranty card
  • 1 year warranty.End to End Length: 44 Inches