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Wi-Fi Smart Plug (10 A)
75% off Rs. 749.00 (Rs. 3,000.00)
Wi-Fi Smart Plug (16 A)
80% off Rs. 799.00 (Rs. 4,000.00)

Smart products built for you

At Lifelong, we designed smart home products for a smarter future. Sleek, smart and energy efficient, our innovative products set alarms and let you control appliances from your smartphone, so you can be worry free wherever you are. From smart plugs, smart sensors to smart LED bulbs, Lifelong’s smart home products are built for you. Built for India.

Kabir Agarwal

I love the Lifelong Smart Plug! I use it at my office and it has been so easy to control multiple devices from my phone. Great experience at a great price.


Minty Singh

My favourite feature of the Lifelong Smart Plug is that is compatible with Alexa. I can control multiple devices with voice commands. An innovative product that has been extremely helpful.