Splash Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine - 6 Kg
Splash Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine - 6 Kg

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The Splash Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine promises clean, fresh and bright clothes after every smart wash. The machine comes with a two year warranty and 3 years on Motor.
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Country of Origin: India

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Product Features

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The washing machine, suitable for small families, lets you customize your wash loads. For heavy loads that are more soiled, you can opt for the high speeds. The high spin speed of 1000 RPM makes for faster drying time. If you’re in a hurry, you can wash your clothes in 15 minutes with the Quick Wash feature. The auto balancing feature of the machine detects and autocorrects uneven loads. This protects your clothes, makes them last longer and the machine as well. The LED display panel informs and alerts of the progress of the wash cycle, making it easy to read even in low light.


The smart and silent washing machine comes with 12 comprehensive wash programmes, letting you wash everything from cotton, wool, delicates, synthetic, mix, duvets and soiled sheets. Customize your every wash as per your laundry load. 1000 RPM: Higher the spin speed, faster the drying time.


The washing machine is designed to be sturdy and rust free. It comes with a protective mesh at the bottom to avoid damage by rats and other pests.