Glass Top Gas Stove, 3 Burner
Glass Top Gas Stove, 3 Burner
Glass Top Gas Stove, 3 Burner

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Designed to make cooking convenient, efficient and safe, this gas stove is engineered to avoid any gas leakage. We power your purchase with a one year warranty.
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Country of Origin: India

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Product Features

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The gas stove comes with manual ignition and is suitable for PNG gas connection as well, has a 6mm beautiful, black, toughened glass top that is shatter-proof. ISI certified, the gas stove has three burner stands which are designed to be spill proof, so you don’t need to worry about vessels toppling over. The gas stove has easy to clean drip trays, letting you cook curries, sabzis and dal without stressing about greasy stains on the stove.


The knobs of the gas stove, ergonomically designed, are made with heat resistant nylon covers and the anti skid feet ensure that you are safe as you enjoy a convenient cook.