Flash Instant Water Heater - 3 Litres, 3000 Watts (ISI Certified)
Flash Instant Water Heater - 3 Litres, 3000 Watts (ISI Certified)

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The preferred way to start or end your day, a hot shower, powered by the Flash Instant Water Heater, keeps you fresh and charged. Get a two year warranty with your purchase.
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Country of Origin: India

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Product Features

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The water heater come with 8 bar pressure with standing capacity, making it ideal for high rise buildings and high pressure pump applications. Ergonomically designed, the heating element gives you hot water in no time. The stem type thermostat and cut out feature ensure automatic temperature control as well. The neon indicators for power on and heating informs you of the status of water heating and readiness.

Durability & Safety

The water heater’s thermoplastic external body prevents rusting and corrosion. The technology used to design the water heater provides three levels of safety against high temperature and pressure, with the cut-out thermostat and safety valve.

Energy Efficient

The high density and PUF of the water heater ensures retention of internal heat and temperature, resulting in improved energy efficiency and reduced electricity bills.