Rechargeable Cushion Massager Rechargeable Cushion Massager Rechargeable Cushion Massager
Rechargeable Cushion Massager

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Sit back, relax and recharge with our rechargeable cushion massager, designed to provide powerful massages and relieve tension. We power your purchase with a one year warranty.
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Country of Origin: China

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Product Features

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Our rechargeable cushion massager is equipped with 4 deep-kneading massage nodes which work clockwise and anti-clockwise on your neck, shoulder and back. The smoothening heat function provides gentle warmth to the muscles and ligaments. The auto reverse massage action allows better distribution of the massage effects. The cushion can be used to alleviate pain, eliminate fatigue, reduce stress, soothe aching muscles and improve blood circulation.


The rechargeable batteries give you the option to use the cushion at home or on the go. Our rechargeable cushion massager comes with an AC power adaptor and a car adaptor, ensuring maximum usage.


Our rechargeable cushion massager uses high quality and breathable fabric, making it 100 percent skin friendly. The cushion cover complements and livens up any room décor.