Kitchen Appliances

  • Mixer Grinder

    Mixer Grinder (1)

  • Air fryer

    Air fryer (1)

  • Blenders

    Blenders (3)

  • Electric Kettle

    Electric Kettle (2)

    Your best friend, a home maker’s saviour and a traveller’s delight - electric kettles are one of the must-have appliances. Ideal to make the perfect cup of Tea or Coffee, instantly.
  • Oven Toaster Griller

    Oven Toaster Griller (2)

  • Sandwich Maker

    Sandwich Maker (6)

    The Lifelong #Grill-It range sandwich maker helps you make two delicious sandwiches at one time. It gives you the perfectly toasted sandwich with real grill marks - crisp outside and soft inside. The plates close together sealing the sandwich completely and enclose the fillings. Healthy: The Non-Stick Coated plates are a delicious and healthy option. The non-stick plates you can use little/no butter. Strong power: The sandwich maker consumes 750 W of power to fast and quick cooking.
  • Toaster

    Toaster (1)

  • Toaster Waffled

    Toaster Waffled (1)